what are you? ugly? beautiful? pretty?

Saturday, May 23, 2009 marina 0 Comments

what are you? ugly? beautiful? pretty? hahaaha.. jawapan yang diterima harusla terima seikhlas nye ea.. hahahaa

wat one is you?

1. you go to a party and find out someones wearing the same outfit you:

  • go home she looks better in it anyway

  • run home and change immediatly

  • carry on party so what at least shes got style

2. a boy asks you out... you say yes and hes reaction is...

  • kool, up for next saturday?

  • omfg! it was a joke!!!

  • he faints

3. you walk into a make up shop and the assistant say:

  • omg!!! you shud sooo be a model!!

  • follow me this way

  • were good but were not THAT good!!

4. a boy talks about you behind your back..you overhear.. he says:

  • ewwww wats up wiv her!!

  • omg !!! shes got a good bod!!

  • she seems cool

5. ur type of friend wud be..

  • a girl that love shopping

  • a girl that recycles

  • a girl thats up for a good night out

ok.. now we check.. is it im ugly? beautiful? pretty?

keputusan aku adalah.. pasrah jer la ea.. heheee.. beautiful

your beautiful, sexy and funny. but can be stuck up at times.. hahahaa.. jangan jeles ea.. ternyata.. tepat woo.. hehehee

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