Want to know how sexy is your name

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Want to know how sexy is your name

Have you ever wondered how pretty or sexy your name is Or how fugly can it be. Take this quiz to see whether your name is Super sexy or how fugly can it be.. Just find out in a few seconds

  1. How many alphabets does your name contain?

  2. What alphabets does your name begin with?

  3. What alphabet does your name end with?

  4. How many vowels does your name contain?

  5. How many consonant does your name contain?

  6. Has any of your friends got the same name as you?

  7. Has any of your friends shortened your name to make it easier to pronounce? How many letters did they remove in order to make your name shorter?

  8. Who named you when you came to this world?

  9. Do you ever wish that you can change your name forever?

keputusan aku adalah..

jeng jeng.. sexiest name.. hahahahaa

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