korean drama.. my 19 years old sister in law

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ok.. aku pernah cakap kan aku nak wat entry pasal cite my 19 years old sister in law kan.. so hari nie aku wat entry untuk cite tue ea.. citer nye dibintangi oleh jung da bin, yoon kye sang, jim min shan dan kim jae won..

my 19 years old sister in law

seterusnya tengok gambar jer la ea dulu.. malas la nak tulis satu2 caption gambar.. hehehe... citer nie tajuk dia my 19 years old sister in law..

Jun-Suk is in a coma after a tragic car accident. Unaware of his son's accident, president Jung gives some money and orders Young-Ran to lave his son with their daughter, Hae-Won.   Chung-Oak, who is threatened by Loan sharks, tries to steal Young-Ran's money while she's ill and Young-Ran dies. Chung-Oak left Hae-Won alone at the train station and Hae-Won forgot her childhood.   

15 years later...

A romantic comedy about two future 19-year old sisters-in-law! A thrilling story of youngsters trying to realize their small yetsignificant dreams! Because Kang-pyo needs a monthly treatment for his heart disease, they go to a hospital in Seoul every month.The thought of going to a hospital is very exciting for Yu-min since she sees her prince charming, Min-jae, who is a residentdoctor at the hospital. Yu-min has had her eye on him for almost a year. Almost like a cute stalker, Yu-min stays close to Min-jae.

Finally, she decides to pretend to be a student at the university that Min-jae attends. Although she feels guilty about lying,Yu-min now has more chance to see Min-jae outside of the hospital. Min-jas mother forces him to get engaged toa daughter of the CEO of a car manufacturing company, so that her business can benefit from it. To free himself from his mothers constant requests, Min-jae offers Yu-min a part-time job as pretending to be his fiance until the girlhe loves returns to him. However, Min-jae finds out that Yu-min is still in high school, and most surprisingly,in the same grade as his younger brother, Seung-jae.

nie gambar2 dalam citer tue

aku memang sangat suka citer nie.. citer nie la citer pertama aku download abis.. citer nie citer 1st yang aku terlalu suka sgt.. citer nie tayang dulu dari citer my girl..

pelakon2 dalam citer nie pun best.. tapi sedih la watak utama yang berlakon watak han yoo min tue nama dia jung da bin.. dia da mati.. bunuh diri february 2006 tak silap.. jung da bin memang salah seorang pelakon korea yang berbakat jugak la.. sayang sgt2 dia bunuh diri.. terkejut jugak la..

citer nie pun ada unsur2 gembira, lawak, sedih dan jahat.. tapi ending.. memang da jodoh yoo min ngan seung jae.. memang da ada rasa cinta dihati tapi di sebabkan masalah berpunca dari mak seung jae jadik harapan nak bersama memang da tak der.. lagi2 bapak yoo min da ingat semua skali.. jadik memang sedih sgt2.. memang nangis jugak la tengok citer nie.. woo woo woo..

tengok la citer nie ea korang.. kat mysoju pun ada.. kat youtube off course lagi ada.. hehehee.. citer nie aku masih suka sampai skunk walaupun aku da hafal setiap part.. tapi tak jemu aku tengok macam citer my girl.. soundtract citer nie pun aku ada..

nie aku ada amik komen dari orang yang tengok cite nie..

1)this series weren't too bad.excellent acting from both the main cast and the supporting actors.Imagine of having to face the difficulties in expressing your love to a future sister-in-law whom likes the elder brother and the plot got more interesting and intense as the story evolved.But luckily,it was a happy ending.

2)this movie was great!so sad!!!i cried everynight thinking about how strong jung da bin was!but the ending wasn't a good ending...i really hoped she would end up with the doctor!please please please!!!SEQUELLLMY SISTER IN LAW #2!!!*crossing fingers*

3)Jung Da Bin looks cute in this series. I think she is never been showed as pretty as her appearance in this film. Jim Min Shan also cute but I was diissapointed with Jae won's acting in this film. The story itself is simple, an orphan daughter who is separated from her rich father, grow up on her own, meet her prince charming but turn out that her match is actually is her brother in law.

jadi itu sahaja ea entry untuk drama my 19 years old sister in law..

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