Which color describes you best?

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i kWhich color describes you best?

Answer questions to find out which color fits you the best

1. You and a friend are bored at your house. What do you do

  • Go for a walk or hangout in your yard
  • Play a video game together
  • Call friends to see if they want to meet up with you and your friend
  • Go outside and wave to random people and see if they wave back
  • Discuss about your current crushes/dates
  • Talk about othere people at your school/workplace

2. There's a person (of the opposite gender) at your school that you think is really nice/cute. What do you do to get their attention?

  • Secretly send them a note
  • Chat/email them when you get home from school
  • Come up and confront them
  • Ask a friend to talk to them for you
  • Ignore them and hope they notice you
  • Try to become friends with them and see if you two are compatable at all

3. Two of your close friends have been fighting a lot recently and you're starting to get sick of it, what do you do to make them see face to face?

  • Talk to each one seperately and learn their stories then PLOT!
  • Come up with a scheme to make the two of them have to work together for a common goal
  • Talk to them and try to help them compromise
  • Tell them straight out how sick of it you are
  • Get everyone together as a group and see what you can come up with to help them
  • Nothing, it's not my problem

4. One of your friends recently broke their leg and you want to make them feel better, what do you do?

  • Send them flowers and a get-well-soon card
  • Create a card for them filled with inside jokes and hand deliver it to their house
  • Conspire with a friend to send them something that they'll really like
  • Send them an e-card
  • Throw a party for them
  • Send them a few good books to read while they're at home

5. Its the end of middle school and you can pick which high school you go to. Which would you choose?

  • Where the few of your really close friends are going
  • Wherever you want!
  • The newest one or the one with the best technology
  • The one with the best test scores
  • The most eco-friendly one
  • Which ever one most of your friends are going to

ok my result is...

Your result:Yellow

You are weird, but everyone loves you because of it. You are also creative and good at coming up with fun things to do.

eh betul la.. aku tak tipu.. dari sekolah aku rumah sukan warna kuning.. tapi form 6 tue aku lari pegi umah merah..

kat sini pun aku umah sukan warna kuning.. aku ngat aku da lari ke umah merah.. terus aku umah merah.. tapi aku still dapat umah kuning.. aku tak tau la kenapa.. sejak azali kot.. macamne dorang leh letak aku kat umah kuning.. aku tak tau la..

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