Fazura Is Spokesperson For Nutox Oxyfusion

Friday, November 13, 2009 marina 0 Comments

Tohtonku recently announced the appointment of Malaysian actress, Nur Fazura as the spokesperson for their youth-restoring skincare brand, Nutox Oxyfusion. She joins Hong Kong actress Bernice Liu in sharing their secrets to restoring their youth.

Fazura will be featured in Nutox Oxyfusion's campaign beginning January 2010.

Nutox Oxyfusion is a comprehensive skincare range that provides the answer to youthful-looking skin. In May this year, it was relaunched with the addition of bird's nest collagen in its formula. The BNest Collagen is extracted from top-grade bird's nest to counter skin ageing.

Bird's nest is an elixir of youth and a natural ingredient that has been proven to restore youthfulness, as it moisturises and whitens the skin. The extracted bird's nest is encapsulated in Nuroxygen (inspired by Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) to create BNest Collagen, which enables the active ingredients to penetrate easily into the root of the epidermis.

It acts in synergy to significantly improve the epidermis structure and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Nutox Oxyfusion makes the skin visibly moisturised and firmer for longer.

Nutox Oxyfusion is available at all major retail outlets, retailing from RM19.90 to RM69.90.

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