Look Before You Leap

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samuel johnson has said that it is too late to look for instruments when the work call for execution. here are some idioms on "look"

1 ) ' Look before you leap '

- something that you say in order to advice someone to think about possible problems before doing something.

2 ) ' Look daggers at somebody '

- to look very angrily at someone

3) Look down one's nose at something / somebody' (informal)

- to think that someone is less importhant than you or that something is not good enough for you ; to show contempt towards some body.

4 ) 'Look (like) a million dollars'

- to look or feel extremely attractive.

5 ) ' Look to one's laurels'

- to make an extra effort to succeed because there is more competition; to ensure that one will retain his reputation

6) ' Dont look a gift horse in the mouth'

- means that you should not criticize or feel doubt about something good that has been offered to you.

7 )' Like looking for a needle in a hay stack '

- to be difficullt or impossible to find.

8) ' If looks could kill '

- something that you say in order to describe thE unpleasant or angry way in which someone looked at yOu.

9 ) ' Take a long, hard look at something ;

- to examine something very carefully in order to improve it in the future.

10) ' give'shoot somebody a dirty look '

- to look at someone in an angry, unpleasantway.

11 ) 'Looks like somethimh the cat brought/dragged in'

- means some one is very untidy and dirty.

12 ) ' Looks like a drowned rat '

-means utterly soaked for wet in heavy rain.

13) ' Look the part '

- to look suitabl for a particular situation.

14 ) ' Looks somebody in the eye/eyes '

- to look directly at someone without inhibitions, fear or shame.

15 ) ' Look right/ straight through somebody '

- to behave as if you do not see someone when you look at them, either because you do not notice them or because you are ignoring them.

16 ) ' Look the other way '

- to ignore something wrong or unpleasant that you know is happening instead of trying to deal with it.

17 ) ' Look on the bright side '

- to try see something good in a bad situation.

18) ' Look lively ' (informal, old-fashioned)

- something you can say to tell someone to hurry.

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