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ha ha ha ha..

Teacher : Where is South America?

Pupil : I don't know

Teacher : Where is Greenland
Pupil : I don't know

Teacher : Where is Bulgaria
Pupil : I don't know

Teacher : Look them up in your textbook
Pupil : I don''t know where that is, either

Teacher : Where is your pencil Sam?
Pupil : I ain't got none.

Teacher : How many time have i told you not to say that, Sam? Now listen : I don not have a pencil. you do not have a pencil. they do not have a pencil. Now, do you understand?
Pupil : Not really. What happened to all the pencil?

Teacher : Why do they say the pen is mightier than the sword?
Pupil : Because no one has yet invented a ballpoint sword.

Teacher : Ali, the stort you handed in called " Our Dog," is exactly like your brother's
Pupil : Of course, its the same dog.

Teacher : What does " coincidence" means?
Pupil : Funny, I was just going to ask you that.

Teacher : Carlos, how do spell "imbecile"?
Pupil : I M B U S L

Teacher : The dictionary spell it " I M B E C I L E "
Pupil : Yes, teacher. but you asked me how i spelled it.

Teacher : Elln, give me a sentence starting with "I"
Pupil : I is..

Teacher : No, Ellen. Always say "I AM"
Pupil : All right. " I am the ninth letter of the alphabet.

Teacher : Do you know the 20th president of the United States?
Pupil : No, we were never introduced!!

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