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setiap ahad malam kol 10 kat star movie akan siar movie baru.. minggu lepas prom night.. dan semalam the hapening.. bunyik macam tak best..
bila tengok je cite nie start2 jer ada orang bunuh diri.. mula2 agak konfius gak.. tapi lama2 da paham.. tidak la sebest cite G.I.Joe yea kawan2.. tapi boleh tahan best gak la..
ada kaotan ngan fenomena alam.. senang cite tumbuhan mengeluarkan toksik untuk melindungi dirinya.. dan sebarkan pada manusia.. efek nya kita akan keliru dengan apa yang kita buat.. hilang kawalan diri.. dan akan wat sesuatu seperti membunuh diri..

toksik tue disebarkan melalui angin.. ok.. kita tengok sinopsis cite nie yang aku google kan..

The Happening (2008 film)

The Happening is a 2008 American horror film written, co-produced and directed by M. Night Shyamalan that follows a man and his family as they try to escape from an inexplicable natural disaster. The plot revolves around a mysterious neurotoxin that causes any person coming into contact with it to commit suicide. The protagonist, a science teacher named Elliot Moore (Mark Wahlberg), attempts to escape from the substance with his wife and friends as hysteria grips the East Coast of the United States. The film also does not feature the director's trademark of a twist ending, one of his few films to not have one.

It was advertised as being M. Night Shyamalan's first R-Rated film and received mostly negative reviews from film critics.


In Central Park, New York City, people inexplicably begin committing mass suicide. First they become disoriented and motionless, before resorting to the most convenient means of killing themselves. Initially believed to be a bioterrorist attack, the epidemic quickly spreads across the northeastern United States.
Elliot Moore (Mark Wahlberg), a high school science teacher in Philadelphia, receives news of the epidemic at school and decides to leave the city by train with his wife, Alma Moore (Zooey Deschanel), to Harrisburg. They are accompanied by his friend and fellow math teacher Julian (John Leguizamo) and his eight-year-old daughter Jess (Ashlyn Sanchez). Just after they leave Philadelphia, Rittenhouse Square is affected by the event and people start to kill themselves around the park. Then the train mysteriously loses radio contact with civilization.

At a restaurant Julian can no longer phone his wife and decides to leave his daughter with Elliot and Alma in order to travel to Princeton, New Jersey, to find her. He gets a ride with a group of people in a Jeep Wrangler. It is by now clear that the epidemic is transmitted by air. Whilst travelling, Julian and his fellow passengers fall victim to the epidemic soon after arriving in an already-hard-hit Princeton: the infected air filters through a small slit in the convertible Jeep's cloth roof, compelling the driver first to bring it to a halt and then plunge it into a nearby tree. Only Julian appears to survive the crash, but, when he exits the car, apparently unharmed, he proceeds to slit his wrists with a shard of glass.

Elliot, Alma and the now-fatherless Jess manage to hitch a ride with a botanist (Frank Collison) and his wife (Victoria Clark). The botanist believes that trees and plants are responsible, as he mentions that they can release chemicals. Although initially skeptical, given his idiosyncrasies and apparent obsession with plant life, Alma and Elliot become increasingly enamored of this view. After driving for some time through the country, they find themselves at a desolate crossroads surrounded by infected towns. Other cars soon join them. A U.S. Army soldier suggests that they move away on foot from roads and populated centers, which he regards as obvious terrorist targets, to avoid being infected.

The survivors split into two groups and begin to travel across an open plain. The smaller group, in which Elliot, Alma and Jess find themselves, suddenly hears gunshots from the direction of the other group: they deduce correctly that the epidemic is upon them. An overwrought Elliot, striving to concentrate amidst the pandemonium, draws on his scientific creed to conclude that it is conveyed by an airborne neurotoxin exuded by grass and plants. He suspects that the larger the group of people the more likely it is to trigger the defense mechanism. With a menacing gale approaching, Elliot splits the group into smaller pockets, thus further isolating himself, Alma and Jess, although they are accompanied by two teenage boys, Josh (Spencer Breslin) and Jared (Robert Bailey, Jr.).

After finding a truck abandoned in a field with the keys in the ignition, they make their way to a luxury home they believe to be abandoned and go in to look for food. Josh and Jared find fruit in the kitchen but realize it is fake. They quickly realize it is a builder's decorated model home, and have to flee when infected people start making their way onto the property. One man turns on an industrial riding mower and allows it to run over him, resulting in a bloody death.
Elliot, still looking for food, comes across an old house with survivors inside.
He tries to communicate with them, but they are unwilling to open the doors, believing that he may infect them. The teens are shot dead by the survivors when they try to break into the house. Elliot, Alma and Jess, now completely on their own, continue to travel cross-country. They stumble upon the isolated house of one Mrs Jones (Betty Buckley), an elderly oddball who keeps no contact with the outside world and is, therefore, unaware of the happening. Although she permits the trio to supper with her and stay the night, she proves a harsh and paranoid host, constantly accusing them of conspiring to rob or murder her.
The following morning, while standing in her garden, impervious to Elliot's supplications, Mrs Jones becomes infected and commits suicide by smashing her head through the windows of the house. Terrified of sharing her fate, Elliot locks himself in the basement. He is separated from Alma and Jess, who are playing in the neighboring spring house. They are able to communicate, however, through an old talking tube, with which Elliot warns them of the threat and has them shut the windows and doors. Conversing with his wife, Elliot expresses his love for her before deciding that, if he is to die, he would prefer to spend his remaining time with her. They all leave the safety of their buildings and embrace in the yard, surprised to find themselves unaffected by the neurotoxin. The outbreak seems to have abated as quickly as it began, just as a scientist predicted on a television show the previous day.

Three months later, Elliot and Alma have adjusted to their new life with Jess as their adopted daughter. On television, an expert interviewee, comparing the event to a red tide, warns that the epidemic may have only been a warning, like "the first spot of a rash". Elliot takes Jess to the bus stop for her first day of school while Alma stays at home, timing a pregnancy test, which turns out positive. When he returns, Alma embraces him with the news in front of their apartment.

In Paris, at the conclusion of the film, the pandemic appears to reoccur when people walking through the Tuileries Garden of the Louvre Palace suddenly hear a scream and cease to move as the wind rustles through the trees and the sky turns dark.

Mark Wahlberg as Elliot Moore, a high school science teacher from the city of Philadelphia, who is married to Alma.
Zooey Deschanel as Alma Moore, Elliot's estranged wife.
John Leguizamo as Julian, a high school math teacher and Elliot's best friend.
Ashlyn Sanchez as Jess, Julian's daughter.
Spencer Breslin as Josh, a teenage boy who with his friend Jared and joins up with Elliot, Alma, and Jess.
Frank Collison as The Nursery Owner, the greenhouse owner, who also believed what was causing the events.
Betty Buckley as Mrs. Jones, a woman who lives alone in an isolated house in rural Pennsylvania.
Jeremy Strong as Private Auster, a Private First Class in the United States Army who fled from his base after finding all of the Soldiers there have killed themselves using barbed wire.
M. Night Shyamalan is credited as "Joey", the man with whom Alma secretly meets, although the character does not appear on-screen.
Victoria Clark as Botanist's Wife, the wife of the nursery owner.
Robert Bailey Jr. as Jared, Josh's friend.
Reggie Kania as Reggie, Jared's friend.
Yonathan Parra as Zito, Josh's friend.
Don Castro as Philadelphia Police Officer, traffic cop in Rittenhouse Square Park.

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