every body must know

Friday, October 23, 2009 marina 0 Comments

our hearts beats around 100,000 times every day.

our blood is on a 60,000- mile jouney

our eyes can distinguish up to one million color surface and take in more information than the largest telescope know to man.

our lungs inhale over two million litres of air every day, without thinking. they are large enough to cover a tennis court.

our hearing is so sensitive it can distinguish between hundreds of thousands of different sounds.

our sense of touch is more refined than any device ever created.

our brain is more complex than the most powerful computer and has over 100 billion nerve cells.

we give birth to 100 billion red cells every day.

when we touch something, we send a message to our brain at 124 mph.

we have over 600 muscles.

we exercise at least 30 muscles when we smile.

we are about 70 percent water.

we make one litre of saliva a day.

our nose is our personal air-conditioning systerm : it warm cold air, hot air and filters impurities.

in one square inch of our hand we have nine fet of blood vessels, 600m pain sensors, 9000 nerve endings, 36 heat sensors and 75 presure sensors.

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