Valentine's Day

Sunday, January 31, 2010 marina 0 Comments

For my valentine's Day i think i will choose Patrick Dempsey to be my partner for my Valentine's Day.. because for me he was so handsome, cool and romanti.. especially when i saw him in Enchanted with Amy Adams.. i will definitely happy if he will be my partner for valentine's day..

for our valentine's day i  will prepared myself as perfect as i can be.. i want that day be a perfect day and perfect my Valentine's day for the rest of my life.. it was so meaningful for me..

i want my valentines day's be in romantic mood with a candle light dinner and a bucket of roses for me.. it was so happiest and romantic moment that i will remember for ever my life..

i want my valentine day's wil bel remembered forever.. because for me valentine day's it was so special.. and i dont want to miss it.. i really hope if my wish be comes true..

so i hope i will get a pair of ticket to watch Valentine's Day movie..

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