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hye uols.. nie aku nk share satu cite thailand yang best... layan yeh.. :)

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The movie is set in Bangkok and revolves around the story of Mei Li, a thirty-ish urban female who has been struggling to find love. All of her friends are either in a relationship or getting married and she is under pressure to find that someone too who will take care of her. She gets drunk during the wedding of her bestfriend, Ped. After sobering up, she drives home and gets into a road accident where she met the handsome Loong. Loong approached her to hand the broken side mirror and Mei Li says  that he can keep it.

They get another chance encounter when Li catches their maid having sex with a guy on the rooftop. Li calls the guy's elder who turned out to be Loong. They meet again in the BTS (Thai train) and this time Li breaks Loong's sunglasses.

Feeling guilty, she buys him a new pair of sunglasses and writes her telephone number on the box hoping that Loong will call her. She got that advice from Plern, a pretty neighbor, who told Li that she should initiate the first move to get the guy. Loong, however, did not call Li. Frustrated, Li asks Plern's help again and arranged a planned "accidental meeting" with Loong. They went to the video shop where Loong frequently visits. Plern develops a liking to Loong because the latter is indeed a handsome engineer. Plern used a trick to get Loong phone's number and this annoyed Li. (mang-agaw daw ba!) As revenge, Li uses Plern's number to call the latter's three boyfriends so that they will come at the same time and expose her cheating.

The boyfriends caused a ruckus at the shop and Loong, who arrived at the shop, accidentally drops his laptop. Li volunteers to have it fixed. She brought it to Ped's husband but unfortunately the laptop is beyond repair. Li goes to Loong's office and waits for him at the guard house. She made the guard write a note (which was actually a song) and asked him to give it to Loong.

Li decided to wait for Loong but she fell asleep inside the guard's house. Loong woke her up later and they both went home riding the BTS. Loong throws his laptop bag away and Li secretly retrieved it (stalker lang, hahaha). She found some things inside the laptop bag including some film negatives of Loong. She had it developed and realized that Loong was with a former girlfriend who turned out to be an actress in a popular tv show in Thailand. The pictures were leaked in the tabloids because the owner of the photo shop posted it on a social networking site.

Li met Loong again on the BTS and Li confessed that she was the reason why the pictures were leaked. Loong forgives her and they went to the Planetarium. 

They agreed that if they had the chance, they should see the McBright comet together. Loong asked Li if they could spend the Songkran (Thai New Year) together. Li agrees. During the festival, Plern tags along. Li tries to shake her off but Plern is just too persistent. Because of this, Li did not enjoy the festivities. While they were going home, Li asks Plern silently to give it to her this time because she rarely gets the chance on love. Plern obliged.

Li visited Loong that night and they enjoyed roaming Bangkok with each other's company. Loong invited Li in a family day at his company. They take pictures and Li accidentally breaks Loong's camera. Later that day, Li finds out that Loong is leaving Thailand in two days to study in Germany. She was so heartbroken and  leaves Loong. Li says goodbye to Loong and tells him that Kob was right, two people cannot be together if they can't see each other.

The day of Loong's departure for Germany, Li receives a box from him. Inside the box were the broken side mirror, broken sunglasses and broken camera. She took the memory card out and looked at the pictures. She realized how much she loved Loong and runs to the airport only to find out that the plane had departed already. (pang movie lang, cheesy.) Li cries on Plern's shoulders and told her "If it was a movie, I could have arrived on time, right?"

Two years later, Li changed jobs and is now working on a night shift as a stock analyst. She meets Loongs in the BTS but hesitated to rekindle the lost romance between them. Loong now works on day shift as an engineer. They separated ways, each had to take opposite train lines.

While inside the train, the electricity goes out and everyone starts to call their loved ones. Li realized how alone she was because she had no one to call. Her phone suddenly rings and it was a call from an unknown number. When Li answered the call, she found out it was Loong. He invited her to the next Songkran and the former agrees. When the electricity came back, she saw Loong standing in front of her and telling her that she should save that number.

cite nie da lmer da... tahun 2009 cite nie kuar... so, sila menonton cite nie... :)

p/s: ensem r hero dye.. owhhhh.. ensemmmnnyaa...

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